Data Display Transfer Units

Our Data Display Transfer Units (DDTUs) provide a simple-to-use man-machine interface for various aircraft systems, such as Aircraft Data Acquisition and Recording Systems (ADARS), Mission Processors, and any other type of system that requires data to be uploaded or downloaded via removable media.

DDTU-MIO (multiple I/O version)includes two USB ports, Compact Flash (CF) and Secure Digital (SD) card slots, and RS-422/RS-232 and Ethernet interfaces.

DDTU-PC (PCMCIA version) includes a Type II PCMCIA card slot and an RS-422/RS-232 interface.

DDTU-SW (power switch version) includes a Compact Flash (CF) card slot, and four ON/OFF power switches (for other LRUs on the aircraft) replace the LED display. An Ethernet interface is optional.

The units incorporate a microprocessor that allows the aircraft system to control the display and data transfer via an RS-422/RS-232 communications data bus and/or Ethernet interface. Also, the LED display and keypad illumination is NVIS compatible.

The DDTU is currently installed on the US Air Force fleet of
KC-135, EC-135, and S3B aircraft, and various
Eurocopter platforms.

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