Control Display Units: Multi-Function

Interface manufactures an array of industry-standard multi-function displays and multi-function control display units (MFDs and MCDUs). The units can be tailored to a customer’s unique application by removing or adding electronic subassemblies. The products are suitable for both military and civil applications, and accommodate industry-standard (ARINC 739A-1) interfaces to support installation on various civil and military aircraft platforms. We also incorporate the latest AMLCD technology. This experience has enabled many military and commercial customers to take advantage of the enhanced visual quality of the flat panel display. And the designs offer improved reliability, reduced weight, volume, power consumption, and depth.

These products are installed on military and commercial aircraft such as the P-3C, Super Puma, Airbus A340, MH-53, F-5N, F-16, T-38, and various other platforms.

Multi-Function Cockpit Display Unit

The Multi-Function Cockpit Display Unit (MCDU) is hardware compliant to ARINC 739A-1. The MCDU is compatible with COTS operating systems (Linux, Windows® XPe, etc.), and the 5.7″ color AMLCD and keypad lighting can be configured for NVIS operation.

Multi-Function Display (MFD) 19600-01

The Multi-Function Display (MFD) is compatible with COTS operating systems (Windows® XPe and Windows 7), and the 5.7″ color AMLCD and keypad lighting can be configured for NVIS operation.

HUD Repeater Display (HDRU)

The HDRU allows an instructor or co-pilot to view the same information that the pilot is seeing through the head-up display (HUD). The HUD repeater display is a full-color 5″ diagonal (3.98″ x 2.94″ active area) ruggedized AMLCD. The AMLCD is a QVGA with a 320 x 240 resolution. This display provides excellent definition for the HUD camera video input (RS 170A) and the HUD symbology overlay.

The high brightness capability of >160 foot Lamberts assures display visibility even when used in an open cockpit in direct sunlight. The proposed design is not NVG-compatible, however provisions in the design allow for future upgrades to render NVIS compatibility.

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