Cockpit Control Units / Remote Control Units

Interface has a series of cockpit control units (CCUs) available for avionic message applications. The primary function is to accept serial data from the host computer and display it in a multi-line 16-character alphanumeric format.

The smart alpha-numerical microprocessor-controlled characters are sunlight readable and available in NVIS (MIL-STD-3009) compatibility. The RS-422 serial communication protocol operates in a command/response mode. The CCU positively acknowledges each command message from the host computer.

Switch closure detection is reported to the host computer through a rate encoder.

There are seven pre-programmed dimming levels available within the CCU. Additional levels can be designed upon request.

Power is a DC-DC converter that has input capability to the range for MIL-STD-704 from 18 to 50 V DC. Filters prevent conductive radiation into the aircraft bus. There is also lightening protection through a 50 volt transient surge suppressor.


  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • Control
  • Command
  • Diagnostic
  • Weapons Management
  • Data Master
  • Health Usage and Monitoring Systems (HUMS)

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