Switch Components

Interface designs and manufactures a variety of switches and switch components for control systems. Our design engineers consider size, configuration, termination, materials, and reliability as special criteria. Components are tested to both commercial and military requirements.

SSM-10, Environmentally-Sealed Switch Components

The SSM-10 provides flexibility and high performance even in the most demanding environments!

The SSM-10 will meet or exceed the most exacting requirements in both manufacturing flexibility and adaptability in the field. Its miniature size, 0.140″ x 0.375″ (3.56mm x 9.53mm), makes it ideal for quick and efficient installation into end-user products, reducing component downtime and labor costs. The SSM-10’s ability to perform in almost any environmental condition proves its rugged design; typically, over one million cycles are the norm.

The SSM-10 is a tested, proven, single-pole contact switch that is completely sealed by ethylene propylene to resist environmental side effects, thus allowing solvent cleaning by immersion without compromising its reliability. Rated to 20mA at < 500mΩ contact resistance, the SSM-10 provides the user with confidence throughout its lifetime. Applications range over most industries where smaller sized, single-pole switching is necessary (i.e. avionic, marine, electrical, and nuclear power requirements).