• Capabilities Statement
  • Qualified to ISO 9001 and AS9100 (Rev C) standards.
  • Qualified team of engineers, technicians, and manufacturing personnel who have considerable experience in man-machine interface display products and electronics.
  • Accumulated experience in excess of 45 years in research, development, and production of controls/displays for rugged platforms.
  • Complete design provided through engineering products to specified requirements at competitive cost for quantities, requirements, quality, delivery, and custom products.
  • Specialize in illuminated controls and displays and exterior lighting for the avionic, marine, ground systems, and military/industrial computer markets.
  • NVIS compatibility
    Qualified to design and certify products that meet NVIS requirements. Interface has a USN-certified photometrics lab for testing color, intensity, and NVIS MIL-STD-3009, with Gen III goggles, for compatibility.
  • Glass and composite, flat-panel displays, avionic and computer enclosures
    Experienced in design engineering of AMLCD glass for integration of flat-panel displays into commercial and military systems.